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[펌웨어업그레이드] MDO4000 Series_v3.06
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[펌웨어 업그레이드]   MDO4000 Series_v3.06

Version:        [3.06]
Last Revised:   [12/10/2013]
Products:       This firmware supports all MDO4000 Series oscilloscopes.

v3.06  12/10/2013

    New Features:

    - RBW range extended up to 200MHz
    - Spectrum trace reset
    - Spectrogram timestamps (rolling and slice)
    - RF power level trigger bandwidth readout
    - RF vertical position range extension to +-100 divs
    - Frequency vs. Time trace defaults to Span/10
    - Phase vs. Time controls (reference point and wrap)
    - RF vs. Time traces have unique colors
    - RF vs. Time readouts indicating baseband bandwidth
    - RF vs. Time readouts indicating negative frequency (Start Freq. < DC)
    - Saving I&Q data to MATLAB

    Defects Fixed:

    - Fixed missing channel labels and vertical settings for channels
      2 and 4 in saved CSV file.
    - Corrected vertical power value displayed in RF Probe Setup menu for
      TAP2500 and TDP1000 probes.
    - Fixed loss of channel data after channel is switched off then on
      again while acquisitions are in stop mode.
    - Fixed Socket Server Protocol None response to a query.  The defect
      was that in raw socket mode, a second query was needed to clear out
      the instrument buffer which had new line and carriage return (LFCR).
      The defect was resolved by terminating all responses in raw socket
      mode with only the new line (LF).