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[펌웨어업그레이드] MDO3000 Series_v1.10
글쓴이 관리자 등록일 2014-05-20 조회수 1,634
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[펌웨어 업그레이드] MDO3000 Series_v1.10

Version:         [1.10]
Last Revised:    [3/19/2014]
Products:        This firmware supports all MDO3000 series oscilloscopes.

v1.10  3/18/2014
    Defects Fixed:
    - Instrument now does an auto-reboot if the LCD fails to initialize
v1.08  2/25/2014
    Defects Fixed:
    - XY cursors now read correctly when YT overview or DVM is turned on
    - DDU option now enables MDO3MSO, MDO3AFG, and MDO3SA options.
    - Fixed false Self Test failure for triangle wave at extreme temperatures
    - Network printing now works correctly
    - Act on Event repeat count now updates correctly
    - Fixed problems with loading/saving files from/to ARB slots and EMEM
    - Recall setup in frequency domain correctly handles time-domain coupling
    - Keypad works with digital thresholds
    - Improved knob response in ARB menu
    - DVM frequency readout shows correct number of digits
    - Backlight timeout now set correctly after firmware upgrade
    - Fixed various minor LXI compliance issues
    - Minor InkSaver improvements
v1.02  1/10/2014
    New features:
    (This is a high-level list of features not available in the predecessor
    products, the DPO/MSO3000 series. Some of these features require option
    keys or application modules.)
    - Spectrum Analyzer capability
    - Integrated AFG with arbitrary waveform generation
    - DVM (Digital VoltMeter) and frequency counter
    - 10 million sample point record length
    - FastAcq high-speed acquisition mode and color-graded display
    - Dual edge trigger (either rising or falling edges)
    - Supports low-capacitance passive probes (TPP0250, TPP0500B, TPP1000)
    - Supports upgradable analog bandwidth
    - USB serial trigger and bus decode
    - Waveform histogram measurements
    - Search/Mark table, exportable
    - Act On Event: save/print/email after N number of trigger events
    - Limit testing
    - Custom mask testing
    - Video Picture of NTSC and PAL signals
    - Print to email-enabled printers
    - Ability to disable I/O ports for security applications
    - Ability to disable firmware upgrades